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Field Sunrise

My Philosophy and Approach

I believe that wellbeing occurs on micro (individual, mezzo (family, community, organizational), and macro (society) levels. So, I work as a one-on-one coach, group facilitator, and organizational consultant.

As a mental health professional and certified coach, I have worked with a diverse array of individuals, many of whom are purpose-driven, deeply caring, and/or in service-oriented professions such as education, human and veterinary medicine, mental health, non-profits, local and federal government.

I believe self growth and culture change is a co-creative, layered process. Through education, intention, and practices, lasting change is possible. Together, we identify current stressors and address them from a holistic, integrative approach. We look closely at the dimensions of wellbeing and determine which areas need most attention.

I offer strategies to maximize what's currently working. I will help improve effectiveness at work and at home. We will strengthen relationships. We will create a plan to enhance overall wellbeing, so you can live with ease, fulfillment, and joy!

My Story

I came into this world a shining light that may have blinded a few in its path.


I was loved by so. many. people. – my incredible 16-year-old birth mother, my loving parents and family, my soul-mom and extended family, my friends and community, and the universe. I grew up making people smile, lighting up their souls, sharing in their joy, and holding space for their pain and their darkness. My peers naturally confided in me, as did some adults. I knew this vulnerability people shared with me was special and sacred. Balancing the tension between light and dark was something I grew comfortable with at an early age.


I didn’t always understand how to navigate the light and dark aspects of someone’s path, but because I wanted to help others, I spent every waking moment learning how. What became increasingly obvious was that my own healing was a critical part of the process. What a journey it has been to learn how to share my gifts in ways that uplift others and light me up as well!


Embracing my education and experience, while also trusting my intuitive nature has been the greatest gift of my life. It is my superpower! There have been challenges, enormous growth opportunities, and miracles. Dedication to learning this has humbled me, expanded my abilities to experience the vastness of this life, and has given me tools to help others in profound ways. This is my calling and my passion!


My approach is grounded in science and delivered with heart and soul. If any of this resonates, reach out for a free consultation.

I’d love to hear from you!

Bethany Colaprete

Education and Experience

I graduated from the University of Idaho with my masters degree (MEd) in 2010 and my specialist (EdS) degree in 2012. I earned my coaching certification in 2015 and integrative medicine provider certification in 2018. As a practicing therapist since 2012, I have worked in k-12 education as a school counselor, community mental health as a director and therapist, in-patient mental health as a clinician, and higher education in a professional program (ie. veterinary medicine) as director and therapist.


  • Educational Specialist (EdS): School Psychology

  • Masters in Education (MEd): School Counseling and Human Services


  • National Certified Counselor (NCC)

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) Washington

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Idaho


  • Certified Eating Psychology Coach

  • Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Additional Trainings:

  • The Science of Energy Healing

  • Compassion Focused Therapy

  • An Integrated System for Empaths and
    Highly Sensitives 

  • Neuroscience Training Summit

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

  • The Broken Brain Summit

  • The Whole Health Summit

  • CourageWorks

  • Psychotherapy and Spirituality Summit

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