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One-on-One Coaching

The work we do together will:


  • Be a safe and sacred space to share without judgment or criticism.

  • Give you tools to create a calm body and mind.

  • Increase your vitality.

  • Enhance your ability to communicate needs effectively.

  • Embolden you to live your most authentic life.

  • Give you a fresh look on how best to give your gifts to the world.

  • Create ease in your personal and professional life.

  • Quiet your inner critic.

  • Open a portal to abundance and love.

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Is Coaching Right For Me?

  • Do you have trouble taking care of yourself?

    It happens to the best of us. If you prioritize others' wellbeing over your own and find yourself depleted, we will create a plan to ensure your cup is full so others' may benefit. After working together, you'll feel more at ease, joyful, and excited to give to others.

  • Have you ever been labeled as “too emotional” or “too sensitive”?

    Join the club. This is common for deeply caring people, sometimes known as empaths or highly sensitives. I'll show you how to calm your body-mind and find ways to quiet all the external noise.


  • Feel like something is “off” and don’t know what it is?

    OK! We'll figure it out together so you can begin living your dream life!


  • Do you say ‘yes’ to requests when actually wish you’d say is ‘no’?

    If people pleasing is your MO and you're realizing resentment is creeping into your relationships, I will help you start living in alignment with your highest goals and values, so making decisions comes easy, guilt-free, and your relationships improve too!


  • Have you ever felt like ‘no one really gets me'? 

    Are you letting yourself be seen? Are you asking for what you need? I'll teach you how to feel more connected to yourself and others, teach you how to step into your personal power unapologetically.


  • Are you drained by the end of the day with little to devote to your personal life?

    You’re not alone. Giving and devoting energy to things that expend a lot of energy can feel exhausting if we're not mindful. However, when we create more balance giving can feel energizing.

Ready for Change?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between counseling and coaching?


Counseling is like physical therapy. You might be rehabilitating parts of yourself, unlearning patterns, relearning new ones. The work may be oriented in the past. Coaching is like physical training. You are identifying goals and aspirations; creating a plan to accomplish them. The work may be future oriented. You CAN do both simultaneously and can be incredibly beneficial to your personal wellbeing and growth.

Do you offer in person or virtual coaching?


I am located in north-central Idaho. Sometimes in person coaching might be possible, depending on timing and logistics. However, I am available to anyone within the United States through virtual coaching, using the Zoom platform.

What's the coaching process like?

Depending on which coaching package you purchase, coaching may be 6, 9, or 12 sessions. You will receive a Dimensions of Wellness Assessment to identify the areas of your life we need to focus on most. From there, we will determine your core beliefs,  patterns, strengths, and needs. Coaching is a process and requires your engagement and participation, which includes coming to sessions on time mentally and emotionally prepared with homework completed.

How will I know if coaching is working?

You will know by subtle and/or drastic changes you see in yourself. Your perspective might shift into a more positive, expansive view. You might feel lighter, more energized. Your relationships might begin to grow and change. You may start making decisions that positively impact your wellbeing. A lot of people say this process can be transformative!

How is your coaching different than others?

Being a mental health professional and coach gives me additional knowledge and expertise that some coaches don't have. Additionally, I've taken different kinds of trainings, received certifications, and make learning my priority. So, I'm up-to-date and well-equipped to deal with many different kinds of things going on in a person's life. I've also experienced first-hand what it's like to live through major stressors, loss and grief, and other human experiences. Regardless of what a person has experienced or is experiencing, there are core human experiences that deserve compassion and steps toward a fulfilling future.

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