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Sacred Space

Relax. Recharge. Reconnect.

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A retreat for female identifying voices.

Find a sense of calm through meditation, reflection, and discussion.


Time to regain access to your energy sources. Vitality awaits.

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A community to support you in the process.

November 13th, 2022
11:00AM - 4:00PM

Brandi Praytor

Spent the last 15 years working in higher education, youth development, and youth mentoring supporting program development, personal and leadership development, and training facilitation. 

Recently, she embarked on a new venture, quitting a stable job with the intention of reflecting, resting, and remembering her wholeness. Utilizing her education and training in Organizational Leadership, Deep Transformational Coaching, Reiki, and Sacred Circles, Brandi understands her purpose is to support others through the transformation process as they find their way back to wholeness. As we do the hard work of healing ourselves, we heal the collective.  Having sacred space to be held and seen as our most vulnerable and authentic selves is a critical piece in finding our wholeness again. Here's to journeying together!


Bethany Colaprete

Spent the last 10 years as a mental health professional, working in academia, community mental health, inpatient mental health, and is now solopreneur.

I left my financially secure job as the Director of Counseling to pursue my dream of helping others with full authenticity and autonomy.

With formal education in mental health and psychology, certifications as an Eating Psychology Coach and Integrative Medicine Provider, and informal trainings in integrative practices, energy healing, and mindfulness, I help people and systems increase awareness, develop creative approaches to advocacy, and work through difficult problems.
Healing and self growth is a process, both individually and collectively.

Supporting others in their journey has been my passion and purpose. Looking forward to holding space for you!

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