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Carrol Robins

“Bethany is a patient listener, and deeply cares of those she works with. She has a calmness about her and speaks with such clarity that you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated. She is honest and straightforward, keeping you focused on the path you’ve set out for. 


"I highly recommend Bethany for her expertise and driven passion for helping others!”

Jen Brandt, LISW-S, PhD

“Being a highly sensitive person is a powerful trait that comes with many advantages. Bethany Colaprete is extraordinarily skilled at helping you tap into them.


"Too often, HSPs are told we take things 'too personally' or we need to 'toughen up.' As a result, we spend precious time seeing our skills and strengths as liabilities, particularly in the workplace.


"It's not often that you find a professional with specific experience in recognizing and bringing out the best traits in HSPs-empathy, kindness, an incredible capacity for self-awareness, attention to detail, and excellence in problem-solving.


"From years of experience with individuals, groups, and public speaking, Bethany offers a safe, encouraging space to dig deeper and learn to leverage your unique gifts as strengths.”

Chiarina Owens

“I met Bethany Colaprete 5 years ago. Her energy was striking from the first encounter. She radiated authenticity, groundedness, compassion, and true inner-being beauty. When I left the professional meeting we were attending, the power of her presence still lingered and I felt different....and this was before I experienced her as a coach and facilitator of a peer support group.


"While my description of my initial encounter with Bethany may sound over the top and cliche-ish, every word is true. Once I established a coaching relationship with her, I observed all of the above but with so much more. She was an excellent listener. She didn't push her views or goals. It was clear that her goals were to help bring clarity to my goals and needs and that of the larger group when in that context.


"Bethany was hugely patient, kind, and highly skilled in helping me transition from where I was to where I wanted to go. She continues to help me grow in the inner strength, peace, and strategies needed to live more authentically and at peace.


"From the first time I met her and until now, I see greatness in her and am so grateful for the greatness growing within me as I have learned to manage my sensitivities and empathic temperament  in a way that is maximizing my physical, mental, and spiritual health.”


“Bethany works diligently to expand her toolbox of knowledge and resources that best support clients. 


"In addition to being an avid learner, she has the innate ability to hold space for others without judgment and can truly see the essence of another being.


"If you're looking to be seen and feel heard as you navigate life or set out to accomplish a specific goal, Bethany is your person!”

Hailey McDevitt

"Bethany will assist you in navigating the internal and external challenges we each face in our own individual lives. Bethany is grounded, compassionate, knowledgeable, and fun! She has helped many individuals as well as structured organizations to dig deep and create sustainable change."

Valerie Russo, PhD

"I have had the opportunity to work closely with Bethany for over 15 years in a variety of settings. I consider her to be an invaluable information resource and respected colleague. She is an excellent communicator, caring listener, and thoughtful educator/coach. Her passion to help others find their path is inspiring and visionary. Her skills are thoughtful and well-grounded in her years as a mental health professional. I highly recommend Bethany to assist you in whatever path you are walking!"

Jane Jenkins, PhD

"Bethany brings so many wonderful qualities to her work! Her super powers allow her to bring individuals and organizational departments together by finding threads of common ground that connect them. Bethany operates from a place of encouragement and connection, always asking "what do you need?" rather than "what are you doing?" to invite growth in an emotionally supportive environment. She believes fully in what she is doing and is incredibly dedicated to her Lighting the Path philosophy.


"Bethany is one of the most authentic human beings I have ever met. She is transparent when talking about her own experiences, which encourages those she works with to give themselves permission for self-care. She is the real deal, naturally impacting people in a way that helps them feel accepted, heard, and supported.


"Bethany not only believes in Lighting the Path, she fully lives it."


"Bethany has been coaching me for the last 15 years. Her ability to communicate and challenge me has enabled me to grow in ways I never thought possible. She has helped me overcome much of my social anxiety, low self esteem, and has been very helpful in helping me deal with perfectionism. I consider myself a highly sensitive person and appreciate her skill in navigating that quirky part of me.I would highly recommend Bethany as a coach for people looking to dive deep in their inner selves in order to grow and live their best life."


"Really learned a lot about myself and what I can do to care for my whole self during sessions with Bethany! She’s really amazing at asking the tough questions and easing me towards the self-discovery I need to progress."

Brandon Spencer

"Bethany came in to talk to our helitack crew before things got busy for fire season. She did a Strengths Finder overview, talked about mental health issues related to wildland firefighting, nutritional effects on mental health, and effective communication strategies for teams/organizations. She did a awesome job of facilitating interaction from the crew and we hope to have her back for a post season session this fall."

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