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The Art of Healing Workshop

The Art of Healing workshop merges science and spirituality.


This grounded and expansive workshop restores your soul, opens the heart, connects you to others, and inspires you to keep giving your gifts.

Throughout this workshop, you will gain deep insights into the ingredients for healing. For groups of six or more. Sign up today!

What to Expect During This Workshop 

Have the last few years been
difficult for you?



The analogy that gets used is that we are all in the “same boat”. I would argue that we are all in the same storm and in different boats. Some of us may have sail boats, some have ships, some have row boats and some have inflatable rafts. Regardless of our vessel, the tidal waves have affected each of us. All this to say it has been rough waters! Some call what we’ve been through a “collective dark night of the soul”.

This workshop sheds light on our hearts’ journey over the last few years, offering hope for a new beginning. It will give you the tools necessary to not only heal what grieves you today but better navigate loss, hurt, and pain in the future.


“Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters,” said Angel Kyodo Williams, writer, activist, ordained Zen priest and author.

Through this experiential process, you will discover a profound realization that reconnects you to yourself and others in safe and compassionate ways.


Ready to Learn
The Art of Healing?

The art of healing is an exploratory workshop that investigates the ingredients of healing.


Identifying the different ways in which wounds exist and developing tools to address them is essential. Healing can be a powerful process that has lasting change.


In The Art of Healing Workshop, we explore topics like joy, grief, presence, hope and your relationship to healing.


Author Resmaa Menakem highlights the importance of turning “dirty pain” into “clean pain” in his book My Grandmother's Hands. He explains that "clean pain is about choosing integrity over fear… and the first step to changing this dynamic is settling our own bodies, one by one.“


Join us for a profoundly impactful experience!

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